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"2023 Energy and Natural Resources: Navigating the Path to Sustainability and Growth"

The energy and natural resources sector will face several themes in 2023, including adapting to the energy crisis, scaling up of low carbon technology, the beginning of the metals super-cycle, rising investment, and a new peak in oil demand.

The energy crisis continues, with Europe still facing challenges in energy security and affordability as the war in Ukraine continues to put pressure on its gas and power markets.

The low-carbon energy sector is poised for growth as major policy decisions have been made to support investment in technologies such as hydrogen and CCUS.

The metals super-cycle is expected to begin in the latter half of 2023 as the global economy begins to recover.

Investment in the sector is rising, and oil demand is reaching new heights. The associated risks include the possibility of over-zealous intervention in gas and power markets, ineffective policy decisions, and the impact of a spreading war.

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