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"Amogy Aims to Revolutionise the Shipping Industry with World's First Ammonia-Powered Vessel"

Amogy Inc., a Brooklyn-based start-up, is aiming to demonstrate the world's first ammonia-powered ship before the end of this year. If successful, the company plans to introduce commercial vessels powered by ammonia as early as next year. The maritime industry, responsible for 3% of global carbon emissions, is seeking more environmentally-friendly transportation options. Although electric batteries are available, they cannot support long-haul transport, making ammonia a promising alternative.

Founded in 2020, Amogy aims to decarbonise heavy-duty transportation using ammonia-based power solutions, which offer high-energy density. Last year, the company demonstrated how to power tractors and semi trucks with ammonia. Now, they are turning their attention to water-based vehicles, starting with a tugboat. Although a tugboat may not be the first thing that comes to mind when discussing sea vessels, it plays a vital role in hauling large ships out to sea.

Amogy has chosen a tugboat built in 1957 that currently uses diesel generators to power its electric engines. The plan is to replace the diesel generator with an ammonia generator, which has three times the output used for the semi-truck demonstration. Unlike previous combustion fuel applications, ammonia will be split into hydrogen and nitrogen, and the former will be used in a fuel cell to generate electricity to power the electric motors.

Ammonia is not as energy-dense as diesel, but its combustion does not lead to carbon emissions. Currently, ammonia generation is a source of emissions, but efforts are underway to produce greener ammonia. Although Amogy has made impressive strides in ammonia-powered transportation, other companies have previously attempted to introduce similar solutions, so the company's plans to unveil the world's first ammonia-powered vessel may face competition.



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