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"Digital Twins: A Pathway to a More Efficient, Transparent and Innovative Mining Industry in Africa"

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical assets and processes in the mining industry. They offer a number of benefits that give the industry a competitive edge, including the ability to integrate data from a variety of sources, allowing for low-cost experimentation and rapid learning. Digital twins also break down silos and improve collaboration between different stakeholders, including workers, engineers, vendors, and others.

In Africa, the critical minerals boom is attracting new investment from non-traditional players, but communities are concerned about avoiding the mistakes of the past. Digital twins offer a solution by enabling collaboration, transparency, and the capture of local expertise and knowledge. Additionally, they provide a bridge between traditional rules-based operations and the predictive world of mathematical predictions, allowing African mines to leverage global expertise while maintaining their unique culture and decision-making processes.

With digital twins, African mines can become more efficient, transparent, and effective in their operations. By leveraging global expertise, they can ensure sustainable growth and development for the African mining industry.

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