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"Leveraging Africa's Natural Resources: Key to Success in the Global Energy Transition"

The global energy transition is leading to a growing demand for commodities, particularly minerals that are essential components of key energy technologies. As the African mining sector seeks to keep pace with this demand, it is crucial to consider the impact of market imbalances and ensure the responsible development of the continent's economies.

Andrew van Zyl, Managing Director of SRK Consulting, spoke about the importance of leveraging and protecting the abundant natural resources in Africa, such as sunlight, human talent, and biodiversity. He noted that leading mining companies are already harnessing solar and wind power to supplement their power supply, which not only helps with decarbonisation but also reduces operational disruptions and controls costs.

Decarbonisation is a strategic imperative for the mining sector, but it must also be accompanied by measures to make mines more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Van Zyl emphasised the need for collaboration between all stakeholders to address challenges such as water management and to ensure that the needs and interests of different parties are better understood and appreciated.

In conclusion, the importance of natural resources in the global energy transition cannot be overstated. It is crucial for the African mining sector to leverage and protect its abundant resources, pursue responsible and sustainable development, and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to address the challenges associated with the energy transition.



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