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"Mining the Future: Harnessing Sustainable Water Management for a Greener Tomorrow"

Mismanagement of water resources in mining operations can have detrimental impacts on local communities and ecosystems. Poor water management practices can lead to pollution, erosion, and overconsumption, which in turn can disrupt the local environment and jeopardise the sustainability of the region.

However, sustainable water management practices in mining have emerged as a strategic solution to alleviate these environmental risks while simultaneously allowing for the extraction of raw materials essential to the global green transition. These materials are critical for green technologies such as electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure. Thus, the mining and metals industry plays a significant role in advancing the transition to a greener and digital economy, especially within Europe.

Technological solutions are at the forefront of addressing water-related challenges in the mining sector. These include ensuring water quality by implementing measures to control pollution, manage wastewater, and prevent erosion. Technologies that reduce water consumption, advance recycling practices, and establish closed-loop systems in hydrometallurgy have also been identified as important components in the sustainable water management toolkit.

Hydrometallurgy, the process of extracting metals from ores using aqueous solutions, can be a significant consumer of water. The development of closed-loop systems in this area can minimise water usage, reducing both the environmental impact and operational costs.

As the world grapples with the dual challenge of water scarcity and the need to transition to a green economy, the mining and metals industry faces the urgent task of ensuring sustainable water management. By embracing sustainability and fostering innovation, the industry can mitigate environmental impacts, promote community health, and contribute to a sustainable future. This approach is particularly significant for Europe, where strategic access to raw materials is central to the region's transition to a green and digital economy.

In summary, sustainable water management practices, combined with innovative technological solutions, have the potential to transform the mining and metals industry. This transformation not only helps to reduce environmental harm but also supports the green transition by providing crucial raw materials in a sustainable manner.



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