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"SmartPlant: Revolutionising Fluorite Processing in South Africa"

A fluorite mine located 100 km outside Pretoria, South Africa has become the first recipient of Sandvik Rock Processing’s first locally manufactured SmartPlant in #Africa.

The 300 tph plant was commissioned recently and has already reached nameplate capacity and met process guarantees.

The SmartPlant concept was chosen by the fluorspar producer due to its fast delivery time, flexibility, and cost savings. The plant is a pre-defined range of Sandvik SmartStations that can be mixed and matched to meet individual customer needs.

The SmartPlant offers a great deal of flexibility, as the customer can tweak design parameters such as height and capacity without much concern about cost deviations and time implications. The new plant comprises a full suite of Sandvik equipment, including jaw and cone crushers, screens, and feeders, and comes with Sandvik’s #Automation and #Connectivity System as standard.

The SAM by Sandvik digital service supports operational excellence in the plant and provides a holistic view of the plant, enabling the customer to make informed decisions.


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