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UK Aims to Become Global Tech Superpower by 2030 with New International Technology Strategy

The International Technology Strategy announced by the UK government has been developed with the aim of ensuring the country becomes a global technology superpower by 2030. The UK already boasts the largest technology sector in Europe and is the third-highest valued globally after the US and China. The technology sector in the UK is estimated to be worth over $1trillion, which is more than the combined worth of the French and German tech industries.

The UK government intends to build on its existing capabilities and establish itself as a global leader in technology. The International Technology Strategy outlines how the UK will collaborate with other countries to develop its technological expertise, while also promoting international collaboration and innovation. The strategy has four principles: to be open, responsible, secure, and resilient. The UK government aims to establish a network of tech envoys to support these principles, challenge authoritarian narratives, and encourage international collaboration.

One of the key elements of the International Technology Strategy is the establishment of the Technology Centre of Expertise. This will bring together technology and digital experts from the government, private sector, and academia to help countries transform their economies sustainably through innovation. The first pilot centers are scheduled to open later this year.

The UK government has also indicated that it will work with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Global Forum on Technology to promote best practices in technology implementation. This collaboration will help ensure that technology is developed and implemented in a way that is responsible, secure, and aligned with the principles outlined in the International Technology Strategy.

The International Technology Strategy has been developed in response to the recently published Integrated Review Refresh, which highlighted how authoritarian regimes worldwide are leveraging technology to oppress their citizens. The UK government sees the strategy as an alternative to this, promoting innovation, security, and prosperity for British people while safeguarding the country from emerging threats.

Overall, the International Technology Strategy aims to deepen collaboration with international partners on the technologies of tomorrow, driving growth and prosperity for the UK while strengthening national security. By establishing a network of tech envoys, supporting the principles of being open, responsible, secure, and resilient, and promoting international collaboration, the UK government hopes to establish the country as a global technology superpower.



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