Light bulbs that grow in the concept of

social impact

We demonstrate our commitment to making a social difference. We invest money, passion and hard work in helping the disadvantaged improve their lives, in protecting the natural environment and supporting culture. In short, we aim to advance society and, thus, to achieve the greatest possible social impact every day


Paulownia ´Clone´ Tree Environment 

Our Paulownia tree was recognized by the Well Forestry Worldwide as the best absorber of carbon dioxide returning oxygen back into the atmosphere. There are only advantages to our tree which can grow many times after being cut. It multiplies great benefits in so many ways

We are oriented to eco-sustainability and the improvement of environmental conditions while meeting the needs of several industrial sectors, such as the timber, energy and above all the biomass industry

 Water Solutions Environment 

Euroyen Group partnered with a world leader in the water solutions industry creating customised, end-to-end solutions and products for our customers


We provide Consultancy & Digital Solutions for the Public & Private Healthcare & Mental Health Sector


Collaborative  Services

We aim to provide a large portfolio of collaborative services in order to support our clients and their visions on achieving any goals and targets


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