We work with global companies, organisations, governments and family offices to help our clients find the right opportunities

With previous experience in the oil industry and international trade, Euroyen Group started in 1998 with the vision to use this expertise, know-how, experience and vast global network to expand further in other activities such as:

Healthcare | Mental Health | Medical Equipment & Supplies

Industry 4.0 & 5.0

Smart Cities Development

Green Energy

Environment | Climate Change 

Green Tech Water Solutions

Clone Trees | Social Impact Projects​

Precious Metals Trading | Refinery Services

Mining Projects

Currently developing Digital Solutions for different sectors

Since 2018 Juan Cabrera has been collaborating closely with over 15 different UK Parliamentary Groups (APPG), assisting regular meetings, events and receptions in Parliament where he has met many MP’s and Lords along with local and global leaders. He also works closely with the UK Department for International Trade and other UK Government Departments in different sectors such as Healthcare & Mental Health, Digital Transformation & Smart Cities, Climate Change & Environment and others.


"Very creative & professional entrepreneur & business person - wish you all the best because you are one of the best!!"

Bader Aldhaen / Exxacon Energy & Finance LTD / Authorized Mandate

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