We work with our partner who is a Swiss company with over 25 years of experience in the global healthcare industry.

Medical equipment and Supplies


Globally, we have developed over 186 end-to-end healthcare projects (delivered fully equipped to specifications with 6 months of supplies) including private and public hospitals, specialist clinics, medical centres, extensions for medical institutions & universities, etc.
We continue to supply them medical equipment and supplies directly from our global manufacturer’s network. 
Following our clients request, we source medical equipment and/or supplies of interest directly from our network of manufacturers.

How can we help?

We can support you by facilitating direct purchasing access to our top global medical equipment and supply manufacturer’s.

Through our expertise and extensive experience we can provide turnkey (end to end) healthcare development in any country.

MEntal Health

We provide consultancy and digital solutions for the public and private mental health sector. 
We work with our partner Eagle of Hope, Mental Health Foundations & Healthcare Organisations in the UK, Switzerland, Middle East, Africa & Asia.
We help people with mental health challenges through the digital world to improve their well-being & emotions.

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