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"Neom Joins Forces with Tech Giants to Boost AI Adoption in Saudi Arabia"

Neom, a futuristic city project in Saudi Arabia, is set to collaborate with Tonomous, Oracle and Nvidia in a move aimed at boosting artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in the country.

Tonomous, a subsidiary of Neom, will offer customers direct access to Nvidia's advanced AI technology, through its digital cloud platform. The partnership is expected to speed up the adoption of AI-powered innovation for a range of applications by government organisations and businesses in the region. Tonomus' cloud management platform, which combines cloud sales and management, will provide customers with access to a variety of cloud service providers, while facilitating cost monitoring, resource optimisation, and centralised customer management. The partnership aligns with Saudi Vision 2030, which seeks to develop the country's cloud market and support the region's digital transformation efforts.

In addition to boosting AI adoption in the region, providing evidence of financial capabilities from investors and partners is crucial for the success of the Neom project. Building a new city from scratch requires significant investment and funding from a range of sources.

Neom has already secured over $500bn in investment from various sources, including the Saudi Arabian government, private investors and international companies. This partnership with Tonomus, Oracle and Nvidia is another example of how Neom is leveraging its network of partners and investors to accelerate its development.

The financial strength of these partners is an important factor in ensuring that the project is delivered on time and on budget. Moreover, it is also an assurance to other investors that the project has the backing of some of the world's leading companies in the field of AI and cloud computing. By demonstrating the financial capabilities of its partners, Neom is sending a clear message that it is a viable investment opportunity and a project that is likely to succeed.

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