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"Revolutionise Timber Production with High-Yield, Eco-Friendly Paulownia Clones!"

Introducing the future of sustainable timber production: the Paulownia tree! Not just any Paulownia tree, but our exclusive, scientifically enhanced cloned variety. Our trees demonstrate an unprecedented yield due to a fast growth rate, reaching an impressive height of 12 meters and a diameter of 32 cm in just 3 years! The ability for multiple regrowth from the same root system further increases this yield, creating a lasting timber source with incredible potential.

Our Paulownia clone is much more than just a timber producer. It is also a solution for environmental sustainability. With its rapid growth, this clone acts as a significant carbon sink, contributing to the reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, thereby earning you carbon credits, which can be sold. In our commitment to environmental responsibility, we have also engineered our clones to be highly resistant to diseases, parasites, and fungi, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete global turnkey solution. We manage every step of the process: project design including landscape architecture and water engineering, agricultural processing (clone developing and planting), project and agronomic aid, scheduled harvesting, felling, storing, and transporting. Our comprehensive service also extends to preparing the timber for market, and making the best use of sub-products from harvesting or sawing, such as utilizing wood chips for energy purposes.

We hold the exclusive rights for our cloned Paulownia trees technology, developed in collaboration with leading universities, meaning you won't find this opportunity elsewhere. Rest assured, your trees are category A and EU certified, guaranteeing quality. The timber harvested from our clones is of the highest standard: straight wood, free of knots, perfect for construction, furniture, flooring, veneer, and even musical instruments. The timber is lightweight, yet incredibly strong, making it an in-demand commodity.

Pricing and minimum order quantity can vary depending on your specific requirements. Whether you wish to purchase the timber, or grow the cloned trees yourself, we can cater to your needs. We encourage potential customers to contact Juan Cabrera ( directly to discuss the finer details of pricing and ordering. We even offer commission for referrals that lead to a successful business deal.

Our Paulownia clones were engineered with a dual purpose in mind: to produce top-quality timber and biomass with close cutting cycles, and to act as a vehicle for environmental improvement. Beyond just productive planting, our clones are suitable for reforestation efforts as well. Our clones are sterile and non-invasive, coexisting peacefully with other plant species, contributing to the formation of undergrowth and helping to absorb pollutants from the soil.

Contact us and be part of this innovative, sustainable solution for timber production and carbon sequestration. Together, we can create a better future for our planet and generations to come.

Biomass (Calorific value: 3680 kj)



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