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"Revolutionising East African Supply Chain with IOTA and TMEA"

The IOTA Foundation and TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) have partnered to digitize the export process in East Africa. The current process involved 200 communications and 96 paper documents per trade item, so the IOTA Foundation and TMEA anchored key #trade documents on the Tangle, a new type of #distributedledgertechnology, to streamline the process and make African companies more competitive globally.

The main technical challenges in #supplychain digitisation are verifying the identity of multiple actors, dealing with multiple relationships across borders, and maintaining trust through verifiable data. The #IOTA Foundation is addressing these challenges through two use cases: cross-border #trade and end-to-end supply chain #traceability.

For cross-border trade, the IOTA Foundation allows for document sharing and verification between actors and #government agencies, improving the efficiency of trade processes. For end-to-end supply chain traceability, the IOTA Foundation provides #infrastructure for tracing the provenance of trade items, following the definition of traceability set by the United Nations.



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