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"Supply Disruptions in Energy and Metals: An Opportunity for Africa's Rise in the Electric Economy"

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and sanctions imposed on Russia have had a significant impact on the energy, agriculture, and metal markets globally.

The sanctions have resulted in shortages of basic and precious metals, causing disruptions to industries worldwide, and increased prices for food and fuel. These sanctions have had a knock-on effect on many areas of business, from the sustainability of African mining operations to the stability of the manufacturing base.

The shortage in supply of nickel, a critical ingredient in lithium-ion batteries and essential for the global energy transition, presents an opportunity for African nickel producers such as Zimbabwe and Botswana, to step in and fill the gap.

Africa could also leverage its resources, including precious metals like platinum, to drive economic growth. However, overcoming existing inadequate export infrastructure will be a major challenge and requires government buy-in and a collaborative multi-sector approach.



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